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We are Massachusetts construction lawyers, Jon with thirty-nine years’ experience and Sally with eleven years’ experience.  Sally also had a prior career working for several surety companies, including CNA, as a surety bond claims representative handling payment and performance bond claims throughout the United States.  Jon has represented about two dozen insurance companies and sureties on a variety of insurance and surety issues, including the review of payment and performance bond claims and the negotiation of ratification agreements, completion contracts and takeover agreements.   Presently, our primary focus is on material suppliers, subcontractors, general contractors, owners as well as sureties.  We believe that the significant experience each of has working for and representing sureties can be useful to clients in dealing with bid, payment and performance bond claims and the indemnity relationship between principal and surety.

We concentrate our practice with construction law issues and do a lot of work with the public bid laws, Massachusetts bid protests, payment bond claims/suits, mechanics’ liens, reviewing and drafting of contracts along with litigating construction disputes of all kinds. 

We try to provide ‘added value’ to our clients and prospective clients. We maintain this site with over forty articles and forms on matters material suppliers, subcontractors, general contractors, owners and sureties deal with daily, which can be found under the ‘Construction law articles’ button on our homepage.  We have sent out a humorous newsletter,  Scribbles, for more than twenty years.  Several past issues can be found under the ‘Scribbles’ button on our homepage.   We offer free construction law seminars on a variety of topics.  We send out  Scribbles Squibs frequently, being fairly short articles (usually under ten pages in length) dealing with common construction law problems and issues and reviewing court cases relevant to the construction industry.

We can provide brief answers without charge to general questions you may have on Massachusetts construction law on the phone or through email.  


1.   We guarantee in writing our billing rate for five years.

2.   We endeavor to maintain, wherever possible,  future business relationships with your contracting party with which you currently are in dispute by emphasizing a fair and reasonable approach to litigation, which often helps promote earlier case resolutions than does ‘mean and angry’.

3.   We generally try to defer until later in the litigation the more expensive elements of discovery – i.e. depositions –  in order to try less expensive discovery first and, where possible, mediation.  (We recently obtained 1.5 million dollars for a subcontractor against a bankrupt general contractor’s payment bonds (three projects) without a single deposition ever being taken and without our client even having to answer interrogatories.)

4.   Being a smaller firm, our attention is focused solely on our clients, not on feeding the overhead and salaries of a fancy office with many partners and associates.  (The only thing we have to feed other than ourselves are our eight dogs, most of which are quite large.  That being the case, we could use the work!)

We know some people are intimidated by lawyers.  We are down-to-earth and committed to helping our clients.




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